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Certified SCAA Teaching Laboratories are known worldwide for their quality and consistency, and enable companies to ensure high quality coffee grading and evaluation within their space. Becoming a SCAA Certified Teaching Lab enables a company to administer objective, calibrated, consistent teaching environments ensure global compliance with SCAA standards and protocols. This high value certification enables labs to administer Q System courses and exams internationally as well as SCAA regional professional development within Certified Labs in North America.

Steps to becoming a SCAA Certified Teaching Lab

  1. Become familiar with and prepare your space and materials to the requirements below:
  2. Request a Laboratory Inspection (Please allow up to six (6) months for the completion of this inspection.)

  3. Be inspected by a SCAA Teaching Laboratory Inspector, who then compiles a report with photos and supporting evidence and submits results to the SCAA Science Department. If any remaining items must be resolved, the certification is not issued until the SCAA Science Department follows up with the lab to ensure compliance. Please note all costs of this inspection are the responsibility of the Candidate Lab, as stated in the Inspection Procedures document above.

  4. The SCAA completes the certification by confirming compliance with all requirements and issues a certificate for the Certified Lab. The lab will then be listed on the SCAA web site and be eligible for Q system courses and exams and SCAA Professional Development activities in North America.