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Below you will find a comprehensive list of courses that are offered through the SCAA Professional Development program. Please use the tabs on the right of this page to display only the courses pertaining to your experience level, the subject area you are interested in, or the certificate program that you'd like to pursue.

CP302  |  CP302 Exploring Espresso

This class explores single origin coffee solely through the espresso lens. Espresso extraction profiling is a valuable exercise and skill for developing an espresso blend and/or single origin espresso profiles and for baristas in planning to compete in a barista competition. The class is entirely an espresso tasting class, where highly skilled baristas pull shots of 3 different roasts of the same single origin espresso. Participants dictate to the barista how to adjust the grind, dose, tamp and/or extraction time of each espresso to develop the exact taste profile desired.

Required Prerequisites: BGA Level 1 Certificate, GE103 - Intro to Cupping, CP201 - Grind, Dose, Tamp, Extract

GE303  |  GE303 Triangulation

Triangulation is a specialized skill in cupping that sharpens a cupper's ability to differentiate coffees blindly. Triangulation is an essential skill for developing consistent and objective palate memory. According to the SCAA and CQI protocol for triangulation, students triangulate three flights of coffee, with discussion in between flights. The correct answers are revealed at the conclusion of the class. This class is also recommended as a training class for coffee professionals interested in preparing for the SCAA/CQI Q-Grader Test.

Required Prerequisites: GE202 Comparative Cupping

GE308  |  GE308 Advanced Sensory Analysis

Coffee professionals of different disciplines need to have objective skills in sensory testing: Designing and conducting tests, recording results, generating data and analyzing statistics to make profitable choices for their companies. This class will explore using sensory testing techniques to create a program that addresses product development.

GE353  |  GE353 Flavor Wheel's Taxonomy: In Depth Study of Flavor Classification

The SCAA Flavor Wheel is a tool designed for professional coffee cuppers that defines common industry terminology used in the sensory evaluation of coffee. The wheel offers insight into how those characteristics develop and gives specialty coffee professionals the tools to articulate sensory experiences. This class succinctly illuminates the development and theory behind the wheel and delves into the right half of the right wheel. The class culminates with a hypothesizing activity concerning flavors of coffee.

Recommended Prerequisites: GE201 - SCAA Cupping Form and Peer Calibration; GE204 - Defect Cupping; RP112 - Intro to Roasting Concepts; CP201 - Grind Dose Tamp

Required Prerequisites: GE153 - Le Nez du Café OR GE261 Le Nez du Café Exam; GE103 - Introduction to Cupping

RP324  |  RP324 Air Quality from the Roaster

Air quality has become an important issue to coffee roasters around the country. This class will cover the types of air quality equipment that are currently on the market, the way that each piece of equipment works, basic ideas on the set up of that type of equipment, air quality measured from each device, and fuel conservation issues. It will also help point roasters in the direction to find state regulations that may apply to them. This class is 1.5 hours and concludes with a short written test.

SC310  |  SC310 Annual Science Seminar

Taught by the SCAA Science Manager, this seminar covers a subject of recent research that impacts the specialty coffee industry. Each year the topic will change to keep the class current and fresh.

Required Prerequisites: CB100 or RP206/RP207, GE255 - Organic Acids