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Below you will find a comprehensive list of courses that are offered through the SCAA Professional Development program. Please use the tabs on the right of this page to display only the courses pertaining to your experience level, the subject area you are interested in, or the certificate program that you'd like to pursue.

CB100  |  CB100 Seed to Roaster/Seed to Cup Webinar

A fundamental skill of any specialty coffee professional is to be able to identify key points and explain the journey coffee from seed to cup. The class surveys the custody of coffee, from farmer to barista. It is a required class for the BGA Level 2 Certificate and the Roasters Guild Level 1 Certificate (as of 2013, in place of RP206 & RP207).

CB205  |  CB205 Purchase, Finance, and Green Coffee Contracts

This class picks up where farming, processing and economics at origin classes leave off. Green coffee buyers need to use the terminology of the green coffee market properly, have tools for negotiating and purchasing effectively, and buy green coffee through spot, forward, and direct purchases successfully. This class provides instruction and activities to help gain competency in those areas.

Recommended Prerequisites: CB100 or RP206 + RP207 or Origin Trip. RP219 would enrich understanding of CB205 concepts.

CB206  |  CB206 Coffee Market Dynamics

Green coffee buyers (roasters and other coffee professionals) need to make sound green coffee purchasing decisions. These decisions are critical for the viability of any coffee operation. This class takes the basic information and concepts from CB205, and gives more in depth information on pricing calculations and hedging. The financial tools presented in this class helps strengthen relationships between roasters and importers through use of common terms.

Recommended Prerequisites: RP206, RP207, RP219.

Required Prerequisites: CB205

CB230  |  CB230 Essentials of Supply Chain Management

Properly managing raw materials from source to customer is an essential part of manufacturing process. Understanding and utilizing formal methods can help improve quality and profitability. This class lays the foundation of common practices of efficiency in the recognized field of production and inventory control (PIC). This class provides an overview of Supply Chain Management for the first hour of the class, then proceeds to go into more depth on production and inventory control (PIC). The instructor covers essential components, such as process design, bills of materials, process information, controls, manpower, inventory tracking, and others. Advice on information systems (software) will be included, as well as helpful information for integrating a PIC system into your organization.

Recommended Prerequisites: RP208, CB205