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BARISTA LEVEL 1 Certificate:

Barista Level 1 Certificate Written Test measures the knowledge of a SCAA Level 1 Barista. A Level 1 Barista is proficient in the subjects and concepts presented in the following SCAA Courses:
  • CP101 (Introduction to Espresso, Part 1)
  • CP102 (Introduction to Espresso, Part 2)
  • CP103 (Introduction to Customer Service)
  • CP151 (Introduction to Coffee Brewing and Extraction, Part 1)
  • CP152 (Introduction to Coffee Brewing and Extraction, Part 2)
  • GE103 (Introduction to Cupping)

Click HERE to view the specific competencies tested by the Barista Level 1 Written Exam

To help prepare for your certificate exam, go to the SCAA Library. It is for members only (SCAA, BGA), but it has in it most of the materials from the past two SCAA Annual Expositions. Please study the presentations and any handouts that might be in the library as well.

The BGA Certificate Program is governed and administered by the Barista Guild of America and the Specialty Coffee Association of America. All coursework and tests are property of the SCAA. Coursework and Tests are designed by the BGA and the SCAA Professional Development Committee. All tests and test scores are subject to SCAA's confidentiality policy.

Candidate complains/disputes can be directed to any member of the BGA Executive Council or any SCAA Staff Liason to the BGA. All appeals will be handled by a task force comprised minimally of 3 BGA Executive Council members and the SCAA Director for Professional Development, on a case-by-case basis as needed.