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SCAA Certified Teaching Laboratories exist to further the SCAA mission to recognize, promote, and develop specialty coffee. Due to the high quality and consistency of these spaces in North America, The SCAA is confident that they are the ideal environments for objective, calibrated, consistent teaching environments for SCAA Skill Building Workshops and Certificate Programs.

SCAA professional development programs provide training to professionals and aspiring professionals in the coffee industry. SCAA programs are unique in that the development of all standards and classes is done by collaborators within the industry (called "Subject Matter Experts" or SME's), creating classes with unequivocally accepted and credible best practices, protocols, knowledge, and skills. SCAA SME's are managed by SCAA Professional Development staff to ensure an efficient and educationally sound delivery and classroom experience.

SCAA aims to promote the availability of classes and professional certificates (earned by attending classes and passing tests) throughout the United States & Canada, utilizing exclusively (outside of SCAA Events) the existing network of SCAA Certified Teaching Labs as Hosts. Hosts and Instructors are encouraged to utilize SCAA training offerings as part of their business suite.

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If you are already a certified lab and you would like to host SCAA classes, please see review the information below to understand what you are allowed to teach. If you would like to conduct classes under the Coffee Preparation (CP) or Roasting and Processing (RP) modules you must be awarded the additional equipment modules. This process must begin by requesting a module inspection and then providing verification that the SCAA Certified Lab meets these additional requirements.

  • View the list of classes that SCAA Certified Teaching Labs are qualified to host

  • View CP (Coffee Preparation) Module for Certified Labs

  • View the RP (Roasting and Processing) Module for Certified Labs

  • Request dates to host your next series of classes

  • Apply to receive the RP or CP Equipment Module for hosting select classes

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