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The Roasters Guild (RG) offers certificate classes at regional SCAA Skill-Building Workshops throughout the year and at our annual events, the SCAA Exposition and Roasters Guild Retreat. Please check back for updates to course offerings and keep an eye out for events coming to your area. To learn more about Roasters Guild Certificates and view the list of certified Roasters, visit the RG website.

Level 1 Roaster Certificate

Required Classes for Level 1 Roaster beginning 2014:

CB100 Seed to Cup
CP151 & CP152 Introduction to Brewing and Extraction
GE103 Introduction to Cupping
RP110 Basic Roasting Equipment
RP112 Introductory Concepts of Roasting
RP208 Roaster Plant Safety
GE151 Green Coffee Grading
RP104 Decaffeination
RP120 Profile Roasting Practices
RP223 Sample Roasting
CB205 Purchase, Finance, and Green Coffee Contracts
RP191 Roast Log – 100 hours
Download Roast Log | Roast Log Submission Form

Level 2 Roaster Certificate

Required Classes for Level 2 Roaster beginning 2014:

Coffee & Industry Knowledge

CP101 & CP102 Introduction to Espresso (OR CP121 Introduction to Espresso for Roasters and Sensory Analysts)
GE255 Organic Acids & the Chemistry of Coffee
RP206 Coffee Farming (or Origin Trip) | Request for Credit Form
RP207 Coffee Processing (or Origin Trip) | Request for Credit Form

Choose Two (2) Electives:
CB206 Coffee Market Dynamics
CB230 Essentials of Supply Chain Management
CP201 Grind, Dose, Tamp, Extract
RP219 Economics on a Coffee Farm: The Cost of Quality
RP 320 Basics of Organic Coffee Farming
SC310 Science Seminar (topics vary)

Roasting Practical Skills with Science Underpinning
GE206 Grinding and Particle Size Analysis
RP 218 Introduction to Heat Transfer in Roasting
RP237 Packaging
RP291 Roast Log of 100 hours
Download Roast Log | Roast Log Submission Form

Choose One (1) Elective:
GE217 Coffee Lab Equipment Use, Calibration & Testing
RP225 Espresso Roasting & Blending
RP 324 Air Quality from the Roaster

Sensory Skills Development
RP216 Identifying Defects in Roasting
GE201 The SCAA Cupping Form & Peer Calibration *
GE204 Defect Cupping

Choose Two (2) Electives:
CP158 Golden Cup Fundamentals
GE202 Comparative Cupping
GE303 Triangulation Cupping *
GE153 Le Nez du Café: Aroma of Coffee (or GE261) *
GE154 Sensory Skills Test, parts 1, 2, and 3 (must pass) *
* Not required by Licensed Q-Graders

Candidates can take classes that apply towards credit in the Level 1 and Level 2 Certificates simultaneously, but completion of Level 2 cannot be awarded unless and until Level 1 Requirements are completed.

Master Level Roaster Certificate

Coming Soon