SCAA education represents the industry's best practices and standards to educate coffee professionals and aspiring professionals. Managed by the SCAA Professional Development Committee and industry Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who come from companies of all sizes and channels, SCAA's courses present an opportunity for participants to develop essential skills and knowledge toward success in the industry. All courses can be applied toward credit in one or more of SCAA's Certification Programs. Courses are offered at SCAA Events and Partner Events worldwide throughout the year. Please visit http://scaa.org/?page=events for a list of upcoming events and to see availability of upcoming course offerings at each event. Please visit http://scaa.org/?page=development#cert to see a list of SCAA Certification Programs.

What do the letters and numbers on SBW classes mean?
Do I have to be a member to take classes or become a Certified Barista or Roaster?
What is the RG Certification Program and how do I get started?
Where can I take courses toward Roaster Certification?
What is the BGA Certification Program?
How do I become a Certified Barista?
I want to get my entire staff BGA Certified. What do I do?
How much does Certification cost?
I'm an experienced Roaster. Do I have to take all of the Level 1 courses to become Certified?
I'm an experienced Barista. Do I have to take all of the beginning level coursework to become certified?
Why is GE103 Intro to Cupping a prerequisite for a roasting class, RP112 Intro to Roasting Concepts?
"Seed to Roaster" is listed as a prerequisite for GE103 Intro to Cupping. Why? Can I attend GE103 without attending "Seed to Roaster"?
Can I become a certified Roaster at the annual SCAA Event or at Roasters Guild Retreat?
Can I become a certified Barista at the annual SCAA Event or at Camp Pull-A-Shot?
What is a Golden Cup Technician?
How can I become a Certified Golden Cup Technician?
I am a Certified Golden Cup Technician and I have a customer interested in the Golden Cup Award. What steps should I take?
What are the best classes to take at the upcoming SCAA Event?
Which courses & credits are available in the RG Certification Program at the upcoming SCAA Event?
Which courses & credits are available in the BGA Certification Program at the upcoming SCAA Event?
Where can I find the list of education credits I've already earned?
What if I've taken or taught an SCAA course, and the education credit doesn't appear in my profile?
What is the "Accelerated" option for Level 1 Certification in the Roaster Certification Program?
When is the next regional training event in my area?
Does SCAA ever offer training in countries other than the USA?
Does SCAA offer online training courses (e-learning)?