The Golden Cup Award is for those coffee purveyors who have proven their ability to brew coffee to standards of quality as defined by the Specialty Coffee Association of America. The award is a testament to skill in preparation as well as equipment management, two important elements towards delivering a perfect cup. Ultimately the award is a signal of quality that can be proudly displayed to customers.

To Apply:

  • Applicants are required to undergo an on-site evaluation conducted by an SCAA Certified Brewing Technician. If you do not know one, feel free to contact the SCAA for help connecting with one.
  • Submit a coffee sample for verification, and pay the testing fee (details are in the Golden Cup Application Form and depend on where you live). Please submit this paper application form along with the coffee sample.
  • After the on-site evaluation, submit the Online Submission Form (SCAA Brewing Technician will help you fill out this information)

Congratulations to those who have earned this recognition*:

Company Name   City, State   Date of Award
Wesco #2        Muskegon, MI       08/18/2014

*The Golden Cup Award is good for One (1) Year from the Date of Award.