Through SCAA International Education Partnership Licensing Program, SCAA education is available to coffee professionals all over the world. SCAA educational courses are based on industry-recognized standards taught by carefully vetted, experienced instructors. Many courses count toward professional certificate and/or credentials, which provide international recognition along with personal accomplishment. SCAA courses generally fall under the following categories: Coffee Grading & Evaluation, Coffee Roasting & Processing, Coffee Preparation, Coffee Business, Sustainability, Global Issues in Coffee.

To learn more about SCAA Professional Development, click here.

What does the license allow partners to do?
SCAA Licensed Education Partners are entitled to produce unlimited SCAA training and issue official SCAA Certificates in the Barista, Roaster, Coffee Taster, Golden Cup Technician, and Instructor Programs, to students who qualify (up to 50 per contract cycle).

The SCAA education program is the gold standard in the industry and our Partners utilize SCAA training as part of a robust and leading-edge business strategy. Many students become loyal participants, instructors, and customers of our Partners.

What is the Application Process including cost structure?
SCAA Member Companies that operate an SCAA Certified Teaching Lab may apply for Education Partnership with SCAA (or companies may apply for both simultaneously). Licenses are valid for one year and may be renewed upon agreement of both parties. The cost is $15,000 per year, to issue 50 Certificates and produce unlimited training classes. Restrictions apply, please complete this application to schedule a one-on-one advisory session with a member of the SCAA Global Education Committee and to learn more.

Class Resources

  1. Class powerpoints, lesson plans, handouts and tests
  2. List of Specialized Instructors- Click HERE. links to list (need to provide)
  3. Certificate Handbooks- click on appropriate link below- need to provide you with pdfs
    • Barista Handbook
    • Roaster Handbook
    • Coffee Taster Handbook
    • Coffee Buyer Handbook


For questions regarding class content, contact Education Manager Ildi Revi
For question regarding administrative matters, contact Dorit Lessard