Featured Report: A Blueprint to end Hunger in the Coffeelands, authored by the SCAA Sustainability Council. Learn how and why seasonal hunger affects our industry and learn more about real projects you can get involved with to actively work towards developing solutions.

What is the SCAA Low Impact Cafe Program?

The SCAA Low Impact Cafe Program is a new program designed for coffee retailers. The goal of the program is to provide tips on how to lower your cafe's operating costs and overall environmental impact that are both easy to understand and implement. The program also includes tools of measurement so that every participating retailer has the ability to quantify their efforts both for business purposes as well as to directly communicate to their customers.

There are two components of the program; the Green Guide and the START database. The Green Guide is a series of digital booklets, published in modules that will cover key strategies for cafe operators in energy conservation, waste reduction, water conservation, and toxics reduction. START is a powerful online database that allows retailers to input data related to their business and discover the impact of their efforts. The Low Impact Cafe program was designed with the coffee retailer in mind, and built to make sustainability at the cafe achievable.

If you're interested in pledging to participate in the Low Impact Cafe program, all we need from you to get started is some basic information. Then we'll follow up with you on next steps.