Featured Report: This paper, developed the SCAA Sustainability Council, provides an overview of some potential impacts of climate change to the coffee value chain. It also examines some of the work being done by industry and community leaders in case studies on mitigation and adaptation strategies, and it makes recommendations for how all stakeholders in the industry can participate in building a more resilient coffee sector.

In an effort to determine a retail coffee price index of coffee beverages in the U.S., SCAA has developed the U.S. Specialty Coffee Price Index (SCPI). The index is based on the results of a survey sent out to coffee retailers that gathers retail prices for three beverages: small cappuccino, medium drip coffee, and medium iced coffee.

The objective of the U.S. specialty coffee price index is to track how retail prices are changing and why. In doing this, the SCPI data and analysis will be able to provide insight on the retail price trends, such as how the cost of green coffee may affect the end price and how long it may take for these costs to get passed down to the consumer.

The survey was emailed to 2,113 coffee retailers across the U.S. Respondents were required to be a coffee retailer with one or more retail location. The survey was designed to collect retail prices of three different beverages: small cappuccino, medium drip coffee, and medium iced coffee. Results are presented as a single index price.

Of the 2,113 companies who received the survey, 164 companies returned completed responses and were segmented out into two groups based on the retailers’ number of cafes: 1-3 cafes and 4 or more cafes. The results represent prices from almost 8,000 retail locations. Companies with multiple retail locations, such as Starbucks and Caribou Coffee, submitted a median price that reflects all their stores (over 300 and 7,000 stores respectively) in the U.S. The prices submitted from companies with multiple locations weigh heavier on the average, so the number of locations and was weighted in the calculations.

The initial index prices:

1-3 Cafes
Small Cappuccino: $3.28
Medium Drip Coffee: $2.41
Medium Iced Coffee: $2.87

4 or More Cafes
Small Cappuccino: $3.06
Medium Drip Coffee: $1.87
Medium Iced Coffee: $2.94

The initial efforts present exploratory research to aid in the development of future SPCI methodology, which will continue to be defined in the next year. As we collect more data, the results will continue to become more meaningful and SCAA would like to ask for your help in further understanding the retail price segment. You can email Research Analyst, Heather Ward, hward@scaa.org with your prices. We appreciate your support and look forward to providing further insight on U.S. retail coffee prices.