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A prep table can use as much as 30% more energy when left up/open. Keeping the lid closed when not in use can correspond to an energy cost savings of about $100 per year.
Source The Green Guide.

There is an axiom, you cannot manage what you cannot measure.

This may seem like a simple enough step one, step 2 process but many small to mid-sized companies simply cannot absorb the costs of designing and implementing a robust software solution to quantify their efforts or help guide their strategy. The SCAA recognizes that, and in partnership with our Sustainability Council and donors we've been able to create such a tool for the specialty coffee industry to benefit from without it continuing to be cost prohibitive. Our goal is to drive industry wide outcomes through active participation and support our industry's committment to sustainable practices.

What can be measured & benchmarked through START?

  • Carbon Emissions
  • Energy Use & Offsets
  • Waste
  • Coffee Purchases
  • Charitable Contributions