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START is designed to be applicable to all coffee professionals regardless of what part of the coffee chain you're focused on. Producers, importer/exporters, roasters and retailers are all encouraged to participate. We are currently launching a concentrated effort at retail, however that does not exclude any other business or entity; the only qualification is that your business be within the coffee industry.

There is a minimal annual fee to gain full access to the START database & all of its capabilities. SCAA Members enjoy a 50% discount on these annual dues. To join, simply click the 'Become a START User' button to the right on this page.

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Any SCAA member company who purchases a copy of Module 1 of the Green Guide (Energy) will recieve a complimentary 1-year subscription to the energy edition of START. This version of the database offers the tools needed to track your progress against Green Guide energy saving tips.

At first, learning a new system can seem daunting. Although we've designed START to be as user friendly as possible, there are also several resources to reference as you're getting familar with the database & its capabilities:

| a step by step document that outlines how to access your account, enter data and analyze results.

| a series of short videos focused on visual training resources to guide you along the way.

The SCAA is ready and willing to help if you run into trouble or just need a little extra assistance. You can reach out to us via