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The Green Guide provides a mechanism for measurement offered through START and a recognition vehicle for participating cafes. The goal is to link simple, practical steps with a broader industry effort. Module #1 offers structured guidance on how to reduce costs specific to refrigeration, appliances & HVAC.

Every day, you put effort towards operating in a smarter, more sustainable way. But you might be asking yourself, could I be doing more? And what impact am I really having on the planet and my own bottom line?

What if you could easily and effectively measure your own impact and also benchmark that data against the efforts of other companies in the coffee industry to begin to gain a better understanding of the global impact? With START, you can.

Looking at ways to have an impact and lower the overall carbon footprint in the coffee industry, there is sufficient evidence to support a concerted effort at retail. We're in the process of launching a new program focused on coffee retailers called the Low Impact Cafe program. This will include access to The Green Guide, a series of modules that focus on reducing your impact and costs at the cafe. To pledge to participate and learn more about next steps, please click here.