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I came across this thread at posted by Greg H which inspired quite a few responses from Coffeed members regarding quality espresso in restaurants:

Anyone out there pulling off a great espresso program in a high scale restaurant?

Say one that wants to give you no more than 36-48 inches of counter space?

Let’s also say that a GS3 is out of bounds and the goal is great shots on a budget–primarily because you don’t have 20 years to recoup your investment on the 20 drinks a night they sell.

Chefs want ease of execution, cleanliness, and consistency, (super-auto, pods,); roasters want quality taste and brand protection/recognition.

I’d love to read this community’s thoughts on this dilemma.

Best I can come up with is a decent one group with two mini e’s (or one mini e and a major e) and an intense training program for a passionate candidate/candidates.

Have you been to a restaurant that was truly passionate about their coffee program and serving exceptional coffee? Post them here in the comments section of this post if you have…

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  1. KP Hawaii says:

    There are a few restaurants in the Hilo, Hawaii area that really care about serving fresh roasted coffee. I'll name the ones I know:

    Cafe Pesto, Hilo Bay Cafe, Don's Grill, Seaside Restaurant and Aqua Farm, Hilo Yacht Club, Luquins Mexican Food, Sky Garden Restaurant @ Imiloa Astronomy Center. And, many fine Bed & Breakfasts in and around Hilo.

    Sad to say, in the coffee capital of the United States, only a few truly care about freshness. We applaud the one's who do!

  2. Andrew Lopez says:

    There is a fantastic upscale restaurant by me, Hawks Restaurant in Granite Bay CA, that is pulling shots on a 2 group Nuova Simonelli Aurelia and serving up Verve Coffee with class. I've work on this machine and set up. Totally solid. It's actually where I did some competition training and it was great pulling comp shots and serving comp capps to the head chef for his input. They offer lattes, caps, shots, occasionally afagatos with there house made gelato and also a table side french press service. One of the only restaurants I would ever get coffee from. Mike the head chef and owner will usually come out and make the coffee himself.

  3. hazchem says:

    given that I can't post on cofeed I'll add my 2 cents worth here. The short answer is NO. Not one high end restaurant in Australia has ever served me a decent coffee of any form, including internationally renowned venues such as Tetsuya's. That said, I recently went to Cumulus Inc. in Melbourne and had a fabulous meal. While the espresso they served me was undrinkable, to their credit they made it again and the barista came and spoke to me about what he'd done to improve it and asked what I thought of the second one. Sadly still not drinkable though. I was impressed that they were obviously interested and trying their best. With a little more training and some tweaks to their very hot espresso machine I think they'd be the only high end restaurant in Australia making a decent brew.

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