The Teaching Triangle: 3 Ways to Educate Consumers

Imagine a class called Coffee 101. Now imagine that you are the teacher of said class, tasked with imparting coffee information to a classroom full of consumers. As you teach, you notice some of them are reading from their textbooks, many are looking out the window, a few are doodling in their notebooks, at least one is playing computer games in the back row, and one or two are actually paying attention to you.

Now that you have that image in your head, you can begin to understand how complex and ever-changing the job of educating consumers can be. Not only does every consumer begin in a different place—some know nothing about coffee, others are near-experts—every consumer also has a different knowledge threshold—some want to know everything about the coffee they’re sipping; others couldn’t care less as long as it tastes good. To read the rest of this article, subscribe to The Chronicle or become a member today! If you’re already a Chronicle subscriber or member, please login.

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