Why is Traceability Important to the Global Coffee Market?

There’s No Sustainability Without Traceability

By Juliette Caulkins

Strong consumer demand for sustainable products is driving the introduction and expansion of a fast growing market segment: sustainably and responsibly produced and sourced products. The attractiveness of sustainable products gives market players a competitive benefit and last but not least, it leads to better margins throughout the supply chain.

A variety of programs have been developed to meet the different product supply chains characteristics. Today, consumers are no longer accepting only marketing claims by manufacturers, but require certainty that their products are really sustainable. To meet this consumer demand, trusted third parties and industry groups are set up to provide regulation and guard traceability throughout the chain. Special labels on products indicate to consumers that the product has been certified by these internationally accepted organizations. To read the rest of this article, subscribe to The Chronicle or become a member today! If you’re already a Chronicle subscriber or member, please login.

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