The (Coffee) World is Flat

By Peter Giuliano 

Coffea Arabica and Homo Sapiens have a lot in common. Both evolved in Ethiopia, and crossed the Red Sea before fanning out all over the globe. The human race inhabited and spread its culture through every corner of the world, and the diversity and beauty of human expression is a marvel to behold. One of these beautiful aspects of human culture is the cultivation and preparation of coffee, which followed a path not too different from the human race that preceded it. Coffee is now grown nearly everywhere that it can be grown, from its homeland in Ethiopia to Indonesia to Nicaragua to Brazil to China. Likewise, coffee as a beverage is enjoyed pretty much everywhere that humans go, from Africa to Europe to Asia to the Americas to Outer Space. Human culture and coffee are pretty much forever linked, so much so that coffee can be thought of as an essentially human, global phenomenon.

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