The Power of Story: Behind Cause Coffees

By Scott Conary

“I don’t really like coffee…”

And with these words, you are stopped short. All of your well-constructed arguments and delightfully thought out taste descriptions forced back in a choking cough. Nuanced aroma profiles are useless. They can’t help you now.

What are you left with? How do you connect with this person, who seems so much less than a potential customer now? The truth is, some people don’t drink coffee; and for good reasons or bad, they think they don’t enjoy it. What to do?

This is a pivotal moment and one you are quite likely to face head-on one day, if you haven’t already.

Coffee lovers and non alike are motivated by a variety of impulses. We hope that in our industry taste is a major force, but not all of our customers are moved by this; either because they have had bad experiences that have steered them into thinking they don’t like coffee, or because they truly don’t, and everything in-between. Also, your customer may not be buying for themselves. Crazy thought, right? This is something we remember around the holidays, but often forget the rest of the year.

How do we encourage them to care and/or purchase?

Tell them a story.

In particular, tell them a heartwarming story, involving white knights and good deeds…and make it true.

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