Garth Smith

Remembering Garth Smith

On January 11th, Garth Smith, founder of the Organic Products Trading Company and major figure in the specialty coffee trade, … »

Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony

Coffee Talk: Spaces

By Danny Pinnell, SCAA This week, our coffee talk focused on the space where coffee is consumed, the context in … »

Nick Cho

Coffee Talk: Brewing

By Danny Pinnell, SCAA Nicholas Cho, a former member of the Barista Guild of America Executive Council and SCAA Board of … »

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 11.55.50 AM

Coffee Talk: Sorting

By Danny Pinnell, SCAA We had the honor of hosting Portola Coffee Lab’s Jon Paul Doerr (pictured) at our last … »

Coffee Talk: Brazil

By Danny Pinnell, SCAA This week’s staff meeting was wholly dedicated to The Event in April, but we (of course!) … »